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I’m Cedric Chee, a Senior Software Engineer and mentor with years of experience working on software systems and product engineering. I’ve been part of the larger tech community since 2006. I love building high quality products. I have experience working in startup environment and remote working. In my last role, I developed a full stack web application in JavaScript, React, and Node.js. I’m a big believer in building tech that serves real user needs without burning out the engineers creating it.

My specialties are full stack web development in JavaScript/Go and React, backend development in Go or Node.js, and systems programming in Go or Rust. I’m great at taking existing products and making them to be more maintainable and performant.

I’m looking for opportunity:

If you’re looking for experienced talent to build products, I’d love to chat. I have a link at the end of this post to schedule a time, but first let me outline some requirements:

Location: Remote or in Singapore (remote preferred)

Employment type: Full-time employee

Organization: Engineering

Some topics I’ll want to discuss with you:

I have been on sabbatical learning new skills and reading good books. I’m looking for the right position and eager to explore opportunities.

CV: PDF Portfolio

If you think we’re a match, please schedule some time on my calendar to talk!

Cedric Chee

Cedric Chee

Software Engineer building and shipping things on the web since 2001. Self-taught CS and Machine Learning. ex-founder of Trinine. He is passionate about open source and empowering people.

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