A little more about me.

Hi, I’m Cedric. I am a software engineer, ex-founder of Trinine, and an Antler alumni. Prior to Trinine, I was a full stack software engineer at Vintedge, a digital agency. I work on the technology team in Singapore and focused on full stack web application and native Android application development for a wide array of business applications in a consulting environment. During my career there, I held the roles of software consultant, developer, and technical lead.

I have over 10 years of web and 3 years of mobile application development experience. I believe I have a strong web development fundamentals. I have written both server-side and client-side code in many programming languages for seven companies and many customers. I have the ability to come up with increasingly complex and innovative solutions to match business demands. I constantly challenge the status quo and trying to find better ways of doing things. I love building applications in the most elegant ways.

Early life

I was born in 1980 in Malaysia and moved to Singapore in 2006. My father was a mechanic and my mother was a homemaker.

My history with computing

At 10, when I was in the fourth grade (in Malaysia, the fourth grade is the fourth school year of elementary school), my father bought me an IBM PC AT. It came with Intel 80286 processor and EGA color system. My dad enrolled me to after-school computer club where I learned about computer, word processor, and educational programming language. I wrote my first program using Logo programming language. I also learned BASIC programming.


I earned my undergraduate degree at University of Malaysia Sabah in Borneo - a small and not widely known institution, but one which was affordable and close to home. My field of studies is multimedia technology but I took rigorous graduate level computer science and information technology courses. I graduated with a BSc(Hons) degree in Multimedia Technology in 2003. My Bachelor’s Thesis research was about “Mobile Internet - designing and developing mobile applications with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) for mobile phones”.

Career and Works


My current area of interest is Artificial Intelligence. I am currently studying Machine Learning and Deep Learning independently. I have taken the following courses:

In conjunction with my studies, I also participate in Kaggle competitions and learning from others.



In 2016, while I was studying Machine Learning independently, I started Trinine as a side-project to learn, experiment, and improve medical imaging and diagnosis for patients and clinicians using deep neural networks and cloud computing. My goal is to turn Trinine into an open source initiative to research, collaborate, and develop a cloud-based clinical platform to improve cancer treatment by bringing together medical imaging and genomics. My long term goal is to develop technologies using Artificial Intelligence to solve some tough problems such as early intervention in chronic disease and making diagnosis and treatment more accurate.

Development Stack

You can see the tools and services used in my personal projects here: stackshare

What I’m Looking For

An opportunity to work in a great startup environment with great engineering team that enables me to advance my skills. Love to help. I can pick up technologies as I go along. Investments in my project?

Personal Values

What are the core values that drive my life and work?

My Abandon Blogs

About this Site

I started this blog to give my friends and family an idea of what I’m reading and thinking about, to organize my thoughts, and to improve my own writing. I read a lot of blogs, articles, papers, and books, and this blog is an ideal place to share the things I am reading and thinking about.

The website is open source. You can view the source code here.

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You can contact me at cedric+site[at] for more info.

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