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I asked a CTO what is their north stars when it comes to running code on the Cloud. They said, it’s the Onsi Haiku Test:

Onsi Haiku Test, is a haiku that Onsi Fakhouri shared at a conference:

Here is my source code.

Run it on the Cloud for me.

I do not care how.

The Turing Test for Cloud computing?

The spectrum of Cloud deployment technologies:

There are numerous cloud deployment technologies available today. The sheer choice can be overwhelming. Yet, there are clear indicators about which option is ideal for what type of workload. Whether you prefer the familiarity of a VM, the agility of a Docker container, or the hands-off approach of serverless computing, none are right or wrong. The choice depends entirely on what workloads you want to run. What’s clear in all this is that no single one of these options is going to be the only solution you’ll ever need—there’s going to be a mix-and-match approach as organizations look to get the most out of the cloud. So, take your pick of cloud deployment technologies, but understand what you’re buying into beforehand.

Where are we right now and how are we doing? In my opinion as an application developer, Cloud technologies should focus on making it easy to run code.