React 18 Working Group


Today, the React team share “The Plan for React 18”.

React 18 is coming and I want to take this chance and compile some stuffs for exploring new feature like Suspense and many more.

  1. Cassidy Williams whipped out a blog post pointing out what you should know now, and what’s coming soon. It’s a good run down of the features.


React core maintainers kept us in Suspense long enough. But now React developers have some new features to play with.

The best part: Almost all of the benefits of the upgrade don’t require major code changes.

  1. Introducing React 18


These updates should simplify the Server-Side Rendering (SSR) story and make frameworks like Next.js even better.

  1. Dan Abramov wrote about the “New Suspense SSR Architecture in React 18”. It’s a longread. It describes the new SSR architecture that Sebastian Markbåge and their team have been working on. This post is friendly for developers of all levels: Dan patiently walks us through the concepts of SSR, Suspense, lazy loading, and hydration. (nice touch on the visuals)

  2. Another good run down/summary of the featues by swyx

The (SSR) suspense is over. ^_^