Backend Software Engineer#

👋 I’m Cedric Chee. I’ve been a software engineer, AI engineer, writer, and entrepreneur.

I code and write about it sometimes. I create system softwares and apps in Go/JS.

I do product engineering and web development at startups/consulting. I enjoy backend development.

At night, I tinker with systems programming in Rust.

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Recent Posts

How to Design and Fix Tech Hiring Processes

Reboot hiring, alternatives to coding interviews; take-home projects, candidate read code and talk about how it works.

Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know

Latency, humanized and visual representation of latencies.

LiveView and React in Contrast

Hey what’s up? I played with Remix shortly after they open-sourced it. I have some fun with webdev after been a while working on backend stuffs.

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Use the Right Tool for the Job

You Are Not Google.

Microservice Chassis

Looking for an easier way to deploy my apps (containerized services) to Kubernetes cluster and learning Dapr.

SICP Reading Project

My first encounter with the SICP book (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs) was in 2018 through the “Teach Yourself Computer Science” website.

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Getting Better at Elasticsearch and Backend Development in General

Two short book reviews; Elasticsearch in Action and Effective Kafka.

Apache Kafka: A Primer

A summary of architecture and core concepts.

React 18 Alpha is Out

React 18 is coming and I want to take this chance and compile some stuffs for exploring new feature like Suspense and many more.

Onsi Haiku Test

The Turing Test for Cloud computing?